Integrated Intercom Systems

Want to know who's at the door? With a home intercom system there will be no more door knocking or unsolicited bell ringing - with a smart intercom system it’s easy to let welcome guests into your home.



With a fully automated camera system from Customtek you can enjoy a level of security beyond a basic alarm. With video security systems, any suspicious activity can now be thoroughly investigated. Plus you can be sure that your family, home and possessions are protected while you’re away.


Alarm Systems

In the past, home security solutions were limited to simple alarms. Today, you have much greater levels of safety and security without affecting the look of your home. Investing in a tailored security solution, complete with high-tech and physical components, will offer your home and family a high level of protection for many years to come.


Gates, Doors, Locks

Your home is your castle. So protect it that way with high-grade security gates, doors and locks. Our integrated approach to security solutions means your home will be upgraded with smart locks and doors that keep your home secure.