Alexa Voice Control

Futuristic technology is available today.

One of the most requested features’ I get asked about is voice control “Can I tell my lights to turn on?”. Not only can you control your lights, but media, music, climate control and more can all be programmed for voice control.

The most popular device for voice control is the Amazon Echo. The Echo has been available in the US for a few years but only recently available in NZ. The Echo comes is various forms and all use Alexa, Amazon’s smart digital assistant, and one of the most recognisable voices of smart home technology. She can help you with all sorts of things, from checking the weather to ordering pizza.

When programmed to work with an ELAN system, full home control using simple voice commands can be setup. There are a few things to consider however. In order to use voice control within a room, there must be an Echo nearby to hear the voice commands. So, for voice control throughout the entire home multiple Echo’s need to be strategically placed.

Here are a just a few of our most common Alexa setup’s and examples:

·         “Alexa, turn on TV”

o   Living room TV turns on

o   Sky decoder turns on and selects Sky movies channel

o   Home theatre system turns on, selects correct input and volume level

·         “Alexa, turn on party mode”

o   Living, kitchen and dining ceiling speakers turn on

o   Spotify playlist is selected and begins playing

·         “Alexa, turn on goodnight mode”

o   All lights in the house turned off

o   All media devices turned off

o   Doors locked

o   Alarm stay zones armed


As well as adding more convenience and ease of use to your home automation system, Alexa will truly wow and amaze your family and friends.

Lee Hyndman