5 Smart Features That Could Add Value to Your Home

Thanks to recent advancements in technology, our homes now have the opportunity to become ‘smarter’. Technology will play an increasingly important role in our homes and can affect the value of your property in a tough market when it comes time to sell.

It’s time to consider all the available “Smart Home” options when it comes to building or renovating. Standard, un-monitored, non-automated, clunky systems and appliances are never a good look to prospective buyers, but the homes of the future are developing at a rapid pace. According to many housing experts, ensuring your property is technologically up-to-date will give it an edge on the market.

Here are just some of the smart features that could give your home an edge in the market.

1. Smart heating & air conditioning

A traditional HVAC system has a thermostat or timer for heating or cooling, but now with automation you can turn on your appliances from your phone. When you get home, the house is already feeling comfortable.

Alternatively, you can set fully customised schedules so your home is always comfortable, and only on when your home is occupied. Less wasted energy and lower power consumption and bills. Always a positive selling point.

2. Smart cabling

The installation and practice of smart cabling or future proof cabling has been around for a while now. But with more advancements in technology and a heavy reliance on internet it makes sense to have hardwired networking available where possible to free up your wireless network. Wired network connections for all TV’s to fully utilise the smart functions so you don’t get the dreaded spinning wheel of internet death! Leave wireless alone for all mobile devices.

TV technology has made huge leaps and bounds with the latest 4K Ultra HD TV sets, but this technology requires the correct cabling to TV’s throughout your home. Long run HDMI cabling or Category 6 runs to TV locations is a must. A great selling point for those prospective buyers with more than one 4K TV set.

3. Smart lighting

Smart lighting is a popular choice for future-proofing your home, which not only sets it apart from a standard lighting system but it could also help to increase your energy savings.

Thanks to smart light bulbs or a fully automated lighting system, you no longer need to worry about forgetting to turn the lights off. And forget walking into a dark home at the end of the day – now you can turn lights on and off remotely via your phone or smart device.

Again, like smart HVAC you can set fully customised schedules or scenes. One scene could be “Dining Mode” which turns kitchen lights to 10%, pendants to 50% and dining lights to 100%.

A schedule could be set for “Holiday Mode” when…your away from home. At 6pm your outdoor, living room and master bedroom lights turn on. At 10pm everything turns off, making it appear your home is occupied – In fact it’s moccupied!

4. Smart security

Full peace of mind security will give your house an edge in the market, and you should introduce ways that can help guarantee potential buyers safety when they move In.

A smarter home with smart security will allow you to view and record live video streams directly to your mobile device, self-monitor your alarm activities and always ensure your alarm is set from anywhere in the world. Smart door locks will give you the flexibility to remotely let cleaners or tradesman into your property without the hassle of scheduling your work around them.

5. Smart installation from Customtek

Now you have an idea of some of the smart features available - it’s time to get in touch

Lee Hyndman