Lighting Control Solutions

Interior Lighting Control

interior lighting control

Lighting is one of the first things you notice when you enter a room, too much can be uncomfortable yet not enough can put a strain on the eyes.  A smart lighting solution will provide the right amount of light where and when it is needed; minimising energy usage at the same time.

You will also gain the ability to control individual lights or groups of lights from a single user interface, allowing custom lighting scenes to be created for different activities or moods from a single button press!

When building new or renovating you should be installing a lighting control solution from us at Customtek

Full lighting automation

exterior lighting control

Lighting control is not limited to just inside. In fact outdoor lighting can add even more convenience and security to your home and lifestyle. Imagine arriving home late at night; as you pull into the driveway your exterior garage lights turn. As you walk up to the front door the tread lights and entry light brighten up the footpath; all of these light circuits will automatically turn off without touching any! The same scene will run when your not at home; detracting would be burglars and protecting your home.

Automating your outdoor lighting turns the ordinary to extraordinary! 



introducing knx

KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control. We are KNX certified integrator's and only use KNX lighting products for all our wired lighting systems. Because KNX is an open protocol there are 426 manufacturers from all over the world producing KNX lighting products. This creates a vibrant and competitive market with new products, better technology and better market pricing. 

KNX has a huge range of light switch finishes, unlike many of it's proprietary brand competitors which have a very limited selection. KNX can turn any NZ standard light switch into a smart switch, along with super luxurious offerings if the budget allows.


some key benefits

  • Reduced wall clutter for larger open plan rooms. Rather than have many confusing light switches and trying to remember what switch operates what; have one touch panel to simplify control and keep the wall clean.

  • Create your own personalised lighting scenes and recall with a single button press; Welcome Home turns on all open plan living lights, Goodnight ensures all lights are off, Party turns on all outdoor lights-turns on feature wall lights-turns open plan lights on to 20%-all RGB lights on.

  • Simplified dimming control for lights. Whip out your phone for instant and precise control, no more unsightly on-wall knobs.

  • Save energy and money. Some estimates suggest a smarter lighting system can reduce costs by up to 80%

  • Added security with outdoor lighting sensors to scare off potential thieves as they approach your home at night or when your away on holiday

wireless lighting solutions

For all new build and renovations we only recommend a KNX wired system; but what about homeowners who are not building or renovating? Fear not as we offer wireless smart lighting control which we retrofit to your existing lighting circuits. You get all the same functionality, features and benefits of a wired system without the massive cost of a retrofit installation.

The process is simple; Add an ELAN control system, a VERA Edge Z-Wave Controller then add z-wave modules to all the existing lighting circuits around your home. The z-wave module sits behind your existing light switch's making them smart. 



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