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dedicated home theatre room

For the ultimate cinematic experience let us custom design your very own cinema room. What makes a great cinema room...a larger than life projection screen and ground shaking, organ rattling sound!

Other things to consider are:

  • Staged seating to accommodate more people

  • Acoustic wall treatment to optimise the room for the best sound

  • Feature lighting from wall lights, full colour changing strip lighting and maybe even a star light ceiling!

  • A great control system from ELAN; hit 'Movie Time' button, the projector fires up, lights dim, screen drops....


discrete home theatre

It's now possible to have a mind blowing movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home; using the latest surround sound format's Dolby Atmos or DTS-X and the latest 4K video technology.

Our most common solution is to transform your open plan living room into a discrete theatre room while retaining the modern open plan look and feel. Our customised solution will blend into the room not dominate it; and most importantly get the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor)

This is achieved by installing seven virtually invisible, high quality, in ceiling or in wall speakers; and to get the impact of a great action movie a sub-woofer is required. This too can be installed into the wall or tucked away in the corner.

Home theatre dramatically enhances your TV viewing experience with 360 degree, immersive surround sound.  


elan home control

We are certified ELAN Home Systems integrator's and use their products exclusively for all our audio visual and home automation projects.

ELAN delivers smart home control and automation personalised for you. With an ELAN system the world of entertainment is at your command

No more table full on confusing remotes. Your customised Media Room will be expertly controlled via a single, elegant, user friendly interface that every family member can use. ELAN gives you the flexibility of full control across multiple devices; from an ELAN remote, ELAN touch panel, personal tablet or your own phone.

I highly recommend an ELAN remote with every installation, for it's simplicity and convenience. With back lit buttons, customised screen and a tactile response when buttons are pressed; even the eldest family members will find it easy.

Whether you're watching a game, the latest 3D movie or listening to Spotify, an ELAN solution simplifies and enhances your home entertainment experience.

ELAN Remote

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